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EFLE 2013 Jena




About EFLE / EFLE Overview

The European Forum of Logistics Education (EFLE) was founded in 1993 in Paris, France. The Director of the Ecole Europeené Transport, Mr. Roland Brenin, called  logistic education professionals from all over Europe to come together in one conference.

Since that time the group of logistic educators came together in an annual meeting at different locations. The 21st anniversary will take place at the Ernst-Abbe-University of Applied Sciences in Jena and will be held from 8th till 11th of October 2013.

The topic of this years conference will be:  “Intra-Logistics – New Concepts and Technologies”

The meeting will be open to all logistic education professionals of the EFLE community.


Also visit the official homepage of the European Forum of Logistics Education:

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Ernst-Abbe-University in summertime
Ernst-Abbe-University in winter




Fachbereich: FH-Jena - Fachbereich Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen